Seth Moorman

Pastor E-mail

(317) 760-1705


My wife, Emily, and I hail from the regions of Columbus, Indiana. We met in 2012 and married in 2013 and now have 3 children (Royal, August, Charlotte). We moved to Dickinson, ND right after getting married. After a year in North Dakota we moved to Bozeman, Montana for two years and then to Paradise Valley in South Western Montana. While living in Montana I served as the Worship/Youth/Children’s Pastor of a rural Church. Most recently we have lived in Cincinnati and I have served as Worship Pastor. I love Red’s baseball, reading, fishing, trying new restaurants, and singing with our kids.

I grew up in the Church and have loved the assembling of God’s people in worship of Him since I was very young.  As a teenager, God called me into ministry, plain and simple. For a couple years I fought it … But He displayed His immense patience by letting me squirm. When I was given the chance to begin Pastoring while attending Montana Bible College I learned a lot about Theology, Doctrine, Hermeneutics, Greek and more! However, if there was one thing that my wife and I could tell you about our view of ministry it is that we just want to love other people because Jesus so loved us (1 John 4:19). All the reading, praying, and discussing we do to wrestle with God’s word as a couple is for the sake of spreading our light into a dark world through loving our neighbors. It truly is a dark world, but Jesus said “Don’t be afraid, just believe”(Mark 5:36).

We are very excited to be at Providence Christian Church! Our family longs to share our excitement about the work that God does in transforming lives for His glory alone. To God be the Glory, forever, and ever, Amen.


Administrative Assistant

Jenny Wilson
Treasurer — Andy Findley
Financial Secretary —
Mike Clark
Choir Director — Shelly Smith
Pianist — Julie Burton
Accompanist — Kimberly Briskey
Praise Leaders — Brad and Deb Reed
Sound Tech — Larry Torrance
Christian Education Coordinator — Susan Lutzke
Preteen Youth Directors — Barry and Susan Lutzke
Youth Directors — Zach and Keri Vaught