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Senior Pastor

Dr. Steven L. and LaVonne Sorensen
(317) 422-9331
Dr. Steven Sorensen was born in Mason City, Iowa, the son of Thor and Bev (Bohl) Sorensen. Steve married LaVonne (Oettchen) in 1970, and they are the parents of Kris and Yvette (Oren). Steve committed his life to Jesus Christ at age 8, when he was also was given a call by Jesus to become a minister of the Gospel. Steve attended the Mason City schools through ninth grade and transferred to Nora Springs-Rock Falls High School. His extracurricular activities included choir, football, basketball, and track, and he played intercollegiate soccer and basketball. He attended Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Barclay College, the University of Kansas, and Luther Rice Seminary where he earned a bachelor’s degree in religion, a master’s degree in religion, and a doctor of ministry degree. Steve began full-time ministry in 1972. He came to Providence Christian Church in October 2001 and is the longest serving full-time pastor in the history of PCC. While Steve was educated in Christian colleges and a liberal university, he remains a firm believer in our Savior Jesus Christ and in the accuracy and total reliability of the Bible.
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Student Pastor

Hunter Chadwell

Administrative Assistant

Teresa Clark


Choir Director — Shelly Smith
Pianist — Julie Burton
Accompanists — Kimberly Briskey and Rose Yates
Sound Techs — Larry Torrance and Ashton Carson
Christian Education Coordinator — Becky Bolin
Preteen Youth Group Directors — Barry and Susan Lutzke
Youth Directors — Zach and Keri Vaught